Première – Track Of The Day – Lovestarrs – ‘Bullet’

We’re delighted to premiere the first track from Lovestarrs forthcoming ‘Supernova’ EP. Yes Sarah, Hamish and George return after previously imploring us to ‘get our sexy on’ with another towering electro pop monster in the form of ‘Bullet.’ Sarah tells us this particular track is ‘all about strength, heading towards the future and leaving the past behind.’

 Very apt for a band who have shed their ‘The Good Natured’ moniker and donned their brightly coloured futuristic pop superhero capes. Their music still centres around Sarah’s uncanny ability to write memorable hook laden earworms but whereas their previous incarnation was often described as ‘electro pop noir’ Lovestarrs have stepped out of the darkness to embrace the (neon) light.

‘Bullet’ is vibrant, empowered electro-glam pop music which crackles with energy and throbs with a real sense of purpose and is guaranteed to set your heart racing and get your toes a tapping 😉

The five track ‘Supernova’ EP will be unleashed on August the 5th via LAB Records and Lovestarrs will be revealing additional tracks in the run up to it’s release.

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