Skating Polly : Hickey King

 The Tacoma-based Oklahoma-bred grunge power trio Skating Polly return with a blistering new single, “Hickey King” , in which they bare their teeth, literally and figuratively as well as bringing news of a new double album  Chaos County Line. Their first new studio material in five years will be released via  El Camino Media and was produced by frequent collaborator Brad Wood (Liz Phair, Veruca Salt, Smashing Pumpkins).

 The band formed when stepsisters Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse were just 9 and 14,( later joined by their brother Kurtis on drums) and created a style inspired by Punk, Riot Girrl and Grunge that they self-named “Ugly Pop.” Their latest single demonstrates all those attributes, with the sisters trading off vocals as Peyton’s softer melodic vocal style combines with Kelli’s visceral riot grrrl roar as they shine a light on their own differing perspectives of similar experiences.  

“In Peyton’s verse she’s talking about never knowing how far to go or how much of yourself to give to someone, and when my part comes crashing in it’s about guys being possessive and always trying to leave their mark on you,” Kelli says. “To me, it’s the most Skating Polly song on the record because it’s all these different energies happening at once.” 

Describing the new album which morphed into a double album due to covid and gigs grinding to a halt  “All these songs are the most special to me of anything I’ve ever written, and I think Kelli feels the same,” says Peyton. “In the past, I didn’t always write with a clear purpose, but this time I knew exactly what I wanted to say. We both ended up writing about the most difficult emotional experiences we’ve ever been through. Instead of being terrified of saying exactly what I was feeling it just all came out so naturally.” “I think on this record Kelli and Peyton were really confident in being more honest and more experimental at the same time, whereas in the past they might’ve made the lyrics more poetic in order to cloak that honesty a bit,” says Kurtis.

The band are back in Liverpool this coming Friday – Tickets
HERE. Here’s what happened last time around  Click HERE  

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Chaos Country Line’ will be released on June 23rd via El Camino Media. Pre-order here.

Skating Polly UK live dates:

07 Mar – Norwich, UK – Waterfront Studio

08 Mar – Newcastle, UK – The Cluny

09 Mar – Sheffield, UK – Corporation

10 Mar – Liverpool, UK – o2 Academy2

11 Mar – Hull, UK – Polar Bear

12 Mar – London, UK – Moth Club

‘Chaos Country Line’ track list:

1. Baby On My Birthday

2. Masquerade

3. Hickey King

4. Girls NIght

5. All The Choices

6. Booster Seat

7. Hush Now

8. Rabbit Food

9. Tiger At The Drugstore

10. Singalong

11. Someone Like a Friend

12. Double Decker

13. Charlie’s Brother

14. Send A Priest

15. I’m Sorry For Always Apologizing

16. Not Going Back Again

17. Man Out There ft. David Yow

18. Party House

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