SUNDAY (1994): ‘Stained Glass Window’

My favourite new band of the year, the British-American duo Sunday (1994), led by the creative minds of Lee Newell (straight outta Slough, UK) and Paige Turner (LA), are back with a brand new track, the shimmering and evocative “Stained Glass Window.” Fresh off the heels of their debut single “Tired Boy,” this latest release is another mesmerising dive into their ethereal yet haunting dream pop vibes.

Chiming guitar riffs and Paige’s mellifluous vocals might evoke artists that transport you back to the 90s (think The Sundays, Mazzy Star), but they aren’t mere jejune revivalists. They give the music their own stamp with darkly wry, witty lyrics that simultaneously amuse and tug at the heartstrings.

“Stained Glass Window” is a declaration of love in the face of judgment, a personal tale of standing tall against the naysayers and their holier-than-thou attitudes. As Sunday (1994) themselves put it, “‘Stained Glass Window’ is a personal story about defying the ‘sinful’ label given by old texts and preachers with bad breath. ‘I took some pictures of me and you and I superglued them over scriptures, so I could worship something true’.”

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