Track Of The Day (1) – Lovestarrs – ‘Get Your Sexy On’

When your record label decides to keep your début album under lock and key, drops you and forbids you to use your original band name whilst also not allowing you to release said album independently you have a number of options.  After the initial ‘F**k you, you soul sucking corporate vampires ‘ reaction subsides, the sensible course of action would be to go back to college study sound production and then vamp up your image by way of Simon Le Bon’s fancy dress box – and then release a killer single.  That’s exactly what our old friends Sarah, George, and Hamish formerly known as the Good Natured have done, who return as ‘Lovestarrs’ with a new single.

Despite the track having a title that sounds rather like something Jeremy Clarkson would say to himself in the mirror whilst channelling ‘The Cowboy’ from cult 80’s flick ‘Inner Space,‘ ‘Get Your Sexy On’ is indeed a killer pop song.  Not as dark as their previous work under the Good Natured moniker, but with a distinct 80’s vibe it still deals with their favourite subject, yes that’s right, sex.  Uplifting, anthemic, and hornier than an army of unicorns on heat, it burrows its way into your head and then refuses to leave.

Lovestarrs have proved that they can write a tune that has commercial appeal without sounding contrived; it also proves that big record label drones are in general, bean-counting pricks.


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