Track Of The Day (2) – Black Honey -‘The Taste’

So apparently, it’s lazy journalism to compare bands to bands they may take an influence from or whom they sound a little like.  It shows a poverty of imagination?  You reckon?  Really?  We thought lazy journalism was copy and pasting press releases or making comparisons to bands they don’t sound like listed on some press releases instead of using your own ears. We’ve seen bands who have more in common with The Wurzels likened to Joy Division in the past ….but that’s another issue…

You can’t accuse us of being lazy here, because Black Honey’s latest track ‘The Taste’ sounds exactly like a band who briefly posted this track a few months ago before it quickly disappeared.  Blink and you may have missed it.  That’s because that band (who shall for now remain nameless) are now the major players behind Black Honey.  ‘The Taste’ is less pop noir, slightly less cinematic than their previous offerings but none the less just as sweeping and beguiling  whilst reaffirming their ability to write anthemic hook laden grunge flecked pop ….  And if you want another comparison … well, we suspect Wolf Alice fans would certainly appreciate this particular tune.


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