Coves return with a new single, ‘Stormy’ which will be released on December 18th via 1965 Records.  It was one of the standout new tunes the band premiered when we caught them live back in March before they retreated back into the studio to plot album two.  ‘Stormy’ has a punchier, more upfront vocal than their previous work, but there’s still John Ridgard’s (pronounced J-o-h-n) driving guitars which ensure the track still retains a dirty garage psych-pop underbelly.

Singer Bec Wood  sounded wounded and then vengeful on the bands debut album ‘Soft Friday’ which in many ways was an album detailing the anatomy of a break-up. We certainly wouldn’t want to heap misery on someone as nice as Bec for the sake of her art, but you know the old adage ‘comfort kills ?’ Well we did wonder if perhaps her lyrics might lose their bite, her delivery might lack that ‘fuck you’ edge if life got less complicated. Thankfully on ‘Stormy’ she still sounds ready to rip someone’s head off if they cross her. “There’s always going to be an element of bitterness within the vocal,” says Bec, “that’s all I can sing.” Even when life is fine and dandy?  “When does anything work out fine? It’s never going to work out fine”

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Coves - Manchester 9 March 2015

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