Cruising – ‘You Made Me Do That.’

Today we have something of a minor-indie- supergroup who hail from Belfast and Dublin and who go by the name of Cruising. You may not recognise the band members names – Benzedrine Black, Sex Grimes, Dan Handle, Dick Vortex as being of members of Girls Names, September Girls, Logikpary and the Sea Pinks, but rest assured they are. They are just working undercover. Their collective name is taken from William Friedkin’s notorious gay exploitation serial killer film ‘Cruising’ , and indeed the bands first song You Made Me Do That‘ is a line that precedes the violent murders depicted in a film that so outraged the gay community in the 80’s.  It also demonstrated why Al Pachino would never have cut the mustard in ‘Dirty Dancing’ or ‘Saturday Night Fever’ as he busts some dance moves that actually make Ian Curtis look as fleet of foot as Michael Jackson (see video below).  The band themselves say they picked the name because the movie is kind of awful and amazing at the same time…. like us’ Musically ‘You Made Me Do That’ is a grimy, brooding depraved slice of fucked up distorted subterranean punk which crowbars your skull open before relentlessly mashing your brain to pulp with its strident driving rhythms and chainsaw guitars… and it could also prompt you to cut loose and start dancing like Pachino …..  which we suspect may have been the bands intention all along. The short version – It’s ACE! And it’s out as a cassette single on Soft Power Records on April 28th.

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