Track Of The Day – Curxes – “Haunted Gold”

Let’s cut to the chase Curxes are f*cking amazing. No ifs, no buts, we mean “AMAZING” in the caps locks, fifty foot high, flashing neon letters style, amazing. We mean Art Attack’s Neil Buchanan painting “AMAZING” on the White Cliffs of Dover style amazing. We are emphatic and will yield to no-one in this view and therefore for the avoidance of doubt we shall quote the late John Peel ” You may dispute this, but we’re right and you’re wrong!”  We really meant to feature Curxes back in September but we didn’t, because well,  we’re a bit rubbish at times. So now it’s time to make amends.

Almost from the get go “Haunted Gold” demands your attention, a driving, blitzkrieg riot of electronic pop replete with hammering beats  and a relentless, unforgiving bass-line. And then there’s  Roberta Fidora’s vocals.  Possibly the most alluring knee tremblingly powerful, strident female vocal we’ve heard since Siouxsie Sioux prowled the stage  at her devastatingly imperious best, but also fused with a soulful emotive quality, in the torch song vein of perhaps a female Marc Almond.  Curxes even manage to throw in a jaunty twisted little  Roland D-50 haunted fairground riff for good measure. I mean c’mon, what’s not to like !?  Curxes are strident, sexy, and magnificent- and we are smitten. So there.

“Haunted Gold” will be available on iTunes and other online stores from the 10th April 2012 plus a collector’s edition of the track will be available on vinyl, just in time for Independent Record Store Day.

Verdict ? A killer tune to die for!

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