TRACK OF THE DAY – EMBERS – ‘The Bitten Tongue’

A few years back we drove up to Manc -land and were fortunate enough to catch one of Embers very first gigs. It was apparent then that this quartet had something of the dark glitter about them. Their sound was huge, portentous and all enveloping and they were one of our tips for big things back in 2012.  After a clutch of epic tunes and a few  explosive festival performances there was talk of labels and publishing deals … and then suddenly … there was silence. This, of course, is never a good thing in the world of performing arts unless perhaps you’re Marcel Marceau.

Of course, we’re not, nor would we expect to be privy to what exactly was going on but we’d imagine it was the usual industry nonsense, which sadly has happened to a number of artists we’ve known over the last few years. But the good news is Embers are back with an enormous new tune in the shape of ‘The Bitten Tongue’ which adds a slightly psychedelic edge to their beatific, edgy crepuscular doom rock. And there’s the promise of much more to come in 2016 – it’s good to have them back!

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For the price of an email you can also download ‘The Bitten Tongue’ HERE.


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