Track Of The Day – Musique Le Pop – “Time Changes”

This is a bit of a gem, a spellbinding, shimmering, swirling electro-pop nugget from new Scandinavian trio  Musique Le Pop.  “Time Changes”  sashays onto the dance-floor, spins you around by your lapels, plants a lipstick smeared kiss on your forehead before enigmatically disappearing into the night,  leaving you somewhat breathless and  hungry for more. And you were so intoxicated by the whole experience you forgot to get it’s bloody phone number  😉 .

This is Musique Le Pop’s début single , they all hail from the small town of Fredrikstad, and the group is comprised of Christoffer,  Jon and Betty.   Apparently this is the song that created the band – They were conceived when Christoffer heard Betty singing the line ‘Time Changes’ over and over again while she was applying make-up before hitting the town and within an hour, the two had recorded a rough draft of the song in their home studio. Jon took the raw mix and added some additional elements  and lo , a song and a band was born.  The trio are currently working on a full-length album, we’re not sure if the song-writing process will again involve Betty singing whilst applying make-up before running off to parties 😉 but if I were her I’d positively insist on it!

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