Track Of The Day – Sky Larkin – ‘Newsworthy’

Well this is certainly newsworthy, seriously!  It’s Sky Larkin’s latest single ‘Newsworthy’ taken from their third album ‘Motto’ which is perhaps their most vibrant and focused work to date. Apparently, singer/Guitarist Katie Harkin wrote a large proportion of the lyrics for this album whilst the band took a short hiatus and she toured the world as a member of Wild Beasts.  ‘Newsworthy’ combines a joyous fist punching rambunctious melody with the sort of lyrical dexterity that has always marked Katie out as one of our finest songwriters. Why Sky Larkin haven’t enjoyed bigger commercial success in the UK is perhaps due to the unassailable fact that sadly unchallenging safe shite sells by the mother-load. See the charts for further reference.

‘Newsworthy’ is, according to Katie, about ‘ the scale of the disembodied digital world can numb us into passive awe, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Keep it newsworthy; it helps. I’ve always wanted our records to be immediate at their most accessible, and at their most expansive, inhabitable. This sense of a vast but private scale is what I was chasing whilst mapping the ebbs and flows of this song. While the avenues for communication continue to multiply, it’s the duty of the craftsman not the tools to keep ourselves actively engaged.”

Orders via the band’s website and also the Wichita Recordings shop will receive a specially-curated Newsworthy’ newspaper, created and edited by the band.  Sky Larkin will also be joining The Wedding Present for a show to celebrate the 100th anniversary of (no not David Gedge) the legendary Brudenell Social Club in Leeds, and also play with Yuck and Dutch Uncles as part of the All Years Leaving Event in Birmingham this month.

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