Track Of The Day – Venera 4 – Masked Dance

Hello 2016,  could things be any worse than they were in 2015?  … yes probably.  To be quite honest, it’s going to be a huge challenge to keep the blog ticking over at the moment due to family issues, but we’ll give it a punt and let the chips fall where they may.

And so after the “blog sound” results earlier, which brought us zero comfort and joy  it’s back to focusing  music we do like. French shoegazers* (- “*regard de cireur” , according to the ever reliable Google translate) Venera 4 return with a new single ‘Masked Dance.’ As ever the band blend dissonance, melody, ethereal vocals and propulsive beats to perfection. Their debut album Eidôlon” was amongst our favourites of 2015 and the band made their live UK debut last year too. If you’ve not heard their work before check ’em out over at their bandcamp page, and should you feel the urge, lighten your pockets 😉

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