Track Of The Day – Witching Waves – ‘Concrete’

Today we bring you a new Soft Power Records release in the form of Witching Waves, a two-piece comprising of  Emma Wigham and Mark Jasper. They both play guitars and drums and apparently like to mix things up often switching instruments and vocals whilst adhering to a strictly lo fi DIY approach in terms of production. So rest assured this is most definitely a Calvin Harris free zone, (try saying Calvin Harris without saying “lanky streak of piss” – tricky! ) it’s stripped down, raw slightly chaotic indie punk pop, with the only rules being, if it sounds good – do it. The results sound not unlike an extremely pissed off Belle And Sebastian playing their music on chainsaws.

‘Concrete’ is from their forthcoming Soft Power tape single, released as a limited edition cassette on April 21st with download codes and also includes a new tune ‘Chain Of Command’.

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