TRACK OF THE DAY – Chløë Black – Groupie

We’ve not been very good at featuring some of our tips for 2016 this year have we? … So let’s get back to black today, in this case, Chløë Black who could have invented a new genre ‘cuss-pop’ with her latest release ‘Groupie’ . It’s got more “f’s” than the Hex colour code for white  and as such would doubtless  give radio producers editing nightmares.  There’s no doubting that Chløë who comes across as  Lana meets Amy in a goth fetish store has got the voice and tunes to be a regular on mainstream radio if only she’d stop with the swearing already. Still anybody who keeps a hipflask of whiskey in their stocking top is perhaps always going to be a little bit of a free spirit or indeed free with the spirits.

The tune, which is a huge sexy soaring pop beast addresses a number of issues, but centres around the world of the much-maligned groupie, but rather than second guess we asked Chløë exactly where she took her inspiration from for the tune –

” Similarly to ’27 Club’, it’s is partly inspired by my own experiences and partly inspired by society and rock history. I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of fame and hero worship which, coupled with my love of nostalgia, lead me to read about the original muses of rock n’ roll and the origins of the word ‘Groupie’. The word groupie is generally used negatively and traditionally sits somewhere around the outskirts of ‘whore’ and ‘slut’. At first glance, the world of the groupie might not seem like a feminist thing as many might perceive it as a modern day harem. The more I delved into this world, however, the more I realised how fucking badass these women were. Slut-shaming is still a big issue today, so it must have taken a lot of guts to live the way these girls did in the seventies.

They were unashamed and sexually liberated in a time where that was incredibly uncool. In some cases these women have gone on to become more legendary than the famous men they were muses to. Some of them even formed their own girl band called GTO ‘girls together outrageously’. So when I’m singing lyrics like ‘love you so much I want to die together’…I’ve probably momentarily felt that whilst drunk and angsty, but it’s also intended to be tongue in cheek and campy because in reality I’m no victim of love and neither were the groupies. They did whatever the fuck they wanted, and that to me is the definition of empowerment. “



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