A bit unusual to have a track of the day and a video of the day? Well perhaps, but we like to live dangerously – ‘Bloom’ and ‘Up’ are both perfect examples of the soaring euphoric new wave synth pop that Birmingham’s Victories At Sea are capable of. Both tracks come from their debut album ‘Everything Forever’ which arrived via Static Caravan records a couple of weeks ago.

Love, loss, loneliness and dreams of escape may form much of the band’s lyrical narrative, but the music itself is actually a far cry from the oppressive concrete imagery on the album cover. It’s an album which grabs life by the lapels and embraces its beauty and urges us to seize the day, and not to give up. A sentiment we’d certainly echo given recent events in the news. A glorious fusion of evocative, heartfelt  indie/electro and dance from an incredibly accomplished debut which for some reason puts us in mind of this quote – “you can live your lives or your fears, and that it is always wiser to live your lives.”

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