Tracks Of The Day – Beach Day – ‘BFF’s’ ‘Don’t Call Me On The Phone’ and ‘All My Friends Were Punks’

Not one, not two, but THREE “tracks of the day” from Beach Day‘s wonderful second album ‘Native Echoes’ which sees Kimmy Drake (guitars/vocals,) and Skyler Black (drums) expand on the 60’s garage soul sound of their 2012 debut ‘Trip Trap Attack’.  ‘Native Echoes’  was produced by Detroit garage-rock pioneer Jim Diamond (no not THAT Jim Diamond UK people) and Beach Day prove once more they most certainly are not simply jejune revivalists hitching a ride on the burgeoning garage bandwagon.  There is more grit and grunge on ‘Native Echoes’ as the band flirt with feedback but keep their signature sound intact.  Furthermore front woman Kimmy Drake firmly establishes herself as a hugely talented singer and songwriter possessing an incredible voice that crackles with warmth and authenticity, reaching back through the midst’s of time to touch fingers with the girl group greats.

It would be easy to lump Beach Day in with bands of a similar ilk, those who take their inspiration from the 60’s girl group wall of sound and mix it up with a lo-fi CBGB’s punk sensibility, but rather like say, Dum Dum Girls it’s the sheer quality of the songwriting and a the feeling that this music seeps from the very core of their being that sets it apart.  The album itself we are assured, contains no actual love songs, in the romantic sense  “It is a record about friendships: the rebellious ones, the lost ones and the ones that betray” says Kimmy.

The three songs above highlight what an outstanding band Beach Day are,  ‘BFF’s’  ‘Don’t Call Me On The Phone’ and ‘All My Friends Were Punks’ may mix up Ronnie Spector, Debbie Harry and The Ramones in Beach Day‘s magical music blender but in doing so they produce something that is timeless and very much their own.  We are in love.

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  1. Great sound. She certainly does have that classic Ronnie Spector quality in her voice + they sure can write a tune. Much better than Dum Dum Girls latest music. :inlove:


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