Track(s) Of The Day – Beat Mark – ‘Between My Teeth’ and ‘Move On’

As most music fans will tell you, there are certain record labels whose tastes you trust, Soft Power Records who describe themselves as ‘a tiny indie record label in Scotland’ are one such label and they have been on a roll of late.  Their continued excellence continues with the release of a brand new five track E.P ‘Move On’  by Parisian Indie outfit ‘Beat Mark.’  Despite the recent boom in the popularity of electronic music from France, not every band across the channel aspires to be the next Air or Daft Punk.  Beat Mark’s sound is a far more fuzzed up,  shoegazey affair with nods to bands such as Sonic Youth and the Mary Chain, bands who realised that directionless, shapeless cacophony without melody is simply just noise for its own sake.  There may be a slight laissez-faire slacker vibe to Beat Mark’s oeuvre but the reality is they produce an invigorating sonic thrash that’s immersed in a quite magisterial, spectral beauty.  Here are two tracks from the EP, ‘Between My Teeth’ and  the title track ‘Move On’ to wrap your discerning lug-holes around !

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