Track(s) Of The Day – Blood Of The Bull

Blood Of the Bull is the new musical project of Aggi Doom’s Hilary Von Scoy, (sadly we’ve just learnt Aggi Doom are set to call it a day.)  Anyway, we’ve chosen two choice tracks from Blood Of The Bulls new EP ‘Bend Over’ which is being released on vinyl via Soft Power Records on 3rd March.

The Ep itself contains four tracks which demonstrate Blood Of The Bulls ability to fuse barbed lyrics with a driving beat and insanely catchy melodies and yet each song sounds very different.  It’s wonderful stuff and whilst it’s unlikely that the fabulously titled ‘Hold Your Head Up High And Go F*ck Yourself’ will make the daytime radio playlists, the EP does prove yet again that Soft Power Records know their musical onions.  And if that’s not enough reason to love this release, then know this –  Blood Of The Bull apparently do a pretty mean version of  a Ladytron’s ‘The Reason Why’ live. So there.

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