Tracks Of The Day – The Debutantes – EP

Is it the melody, the reverb, the boy/girl vocals, the fuzzy guitar rush?  Is it perhaps the growling bass line, the driving percussion or the fact that lead singer and guitarist Leon Butler is joined by two of our favourite ladies from September Girls, Paula Cullen on bass/vocals and Sarah Grimes on drums, that makes The Debutantes debut EP such an enjoyable experience ?

The truth is it’s a combination of all of the above and the fact that said EP contains five  outstanding tracks mixing a raw garage rock sensibility, candied dreampop atmospherics with the spontaneity and energy of DIY Punk.  Add to the equation the clever wordplay and wry humour reminiscent of a spikier Tom Morgan of Smudge, and you have a match in heaven made.

A hugely enjoyable debut proving genuine talent doesn’t need a huge budget, slick sterile production, or the approbation  of God’s own Leprechaun Louis Walsh, just enthusiasm, passion, heart and the belief that there will be others who absolutely just ‘get’ what you do.

The Debutantes self titled debut EP will be released on limited edition cassette  plus digital download on 11/10/14 via Soft Power Records.

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Gentleman’s Wash – By The Debutantes


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