Tyzo Bloom ft girlhouse : dad?

Tyzo Bloom is the moniker of Casey Chen an LA-based artist producer and songwriter. He was born in Newport Beach, CA, but his family moved to Japan when he was young, which informed his earliest musical memories.

He’s collaborated with VPME fave girlhouse (aka Lauren Luiz) on his latest release “dad ?” of which he simply states “This song is about my dad. We have a complicated relationship.” And that relationship is something the lyrics certainly address “I’m filled with all your lies/ I’m sick of your goodbyes / Ohh and try again/ Wish that we can try again.”

Inviting girlhouse to lend her evocative sugar-spun vocals is a masterstroke, Luiz has the voice and artistic sensitivity which so often adroitly manages to walk that fine line between bittersweet melancholia and triumphant euphoria, a talent that imbues the song with both hope and exasperation.

Set against spiralling indie guitars the track perfectly conveys the apparent back-and-forth, round-and-round nature of the relationship that inspired the song.   It’s a beautifully produced and realised slice of glittering indie pop and it’s out now on all streaming platforms.

TYZO BLOOM LINKS https://vydia.lnk.to/dadTyzoBloom
girlhouse LINKS https://linktr.ee/girlhouse

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