In Pictures : Bryan Ferry Live 2018 – Liverpool Philharmonic – 11.04.18

Bryan Ferry Live 2018 – Liverpool Philharmonic

Support: Juanita Stein


Bryan Ferry Live 2018 : – At 72 Bryan Ferry rolled back the years and proved himself to be as stylish and enigmatic as ever, as smooth as a freshly buttered bannister in fact,  as his tour arrived at Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall. Supported by VPME fave Juanita Stein who we’ve been a fierce advocate of since she emerged with her band Howling Bells some 12 years ago ( you can read our most recent interview with Juanita HERE ) she was warmly received by a partisan crowd waiting for the arrival of the main act. Let’s face it, it’s not often waiting for a Ferry on Merseyside is spent in such a mesmerising company as Juanita (Everton supporters look away now)dressed from head to toe in red was as beguiling as ever.

This gig adroitly demonstrated Ferry’s enduring appeal and the crowd-pleasing set, which ranged from his avant-garde provocateur early days, to the rakish, louche crooner persona of later years was perfectly judged.  It was a night of aural and visual sophistication from start to finish and included Roxy hits such as ‘Re-Make/Re-Model’, ‘Ladytron’, ‘Love is The Drug’, ‘Let’s Stick Together’ and of course ‘Virginia Plain.’


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Bryan Ferry Liverpool 2018

Bryan Ferry Liverpool 2018

Bryan Ferry Liverpool 2018

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BF backing

Bryan Ferry Liverpool 2018

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Juanita Stein

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