Fire And Ice-The Good Natured Interview


‘Your Body Is A Machine’  By The Good Natured (remix free to download.)

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A number of years ago my dear eccentric grandmother was having one of her infamous ‘spring cleans’. During her previous indiscriminate ‘purges on clutter’ she’d not only managed to throw out a perfectly acceptable, fully functional keyboard but also my uncle’s electric guitar and amp. He still cannot bring himself to talk about his loss to this day. And so when I overheard that she was about to embark on yet another of her notorious ‘clear outs’, I dashed around to her house with indecent haste, ostensibly to ‘help’, but in reality furtively hoping I might unearth all manner of discarded riches (or my Uncle’s bass guitar at the very least!). ‘Help yourself lad, take what you like’ she said, pointing at two swollen bin bags, all neatly packed in readiness for their voyage to the local Charity Shop. Alas, these bin bags, whom minutes earlier had positively groaned with the possibility of imagined treasures, yielded nothing more interesting than  a leopard print pashmina stole, a rather ostentatious faux fur coat, a rather disturbing peroxide wig, sunglasses and three pairs of vintage high heels. A tidy haul no doubt for a budding drag artist, or Lady Ga-Ga impressionist, but of little or no use to me.

Berkshire electronic artist Sarah McIntosh, fared slightly better than I at her grandmothers house  and having managed to salvage a 1980’s Yamaha keyboard  was soon producing brilliant, brooding electro pop under the name ‘The Good Natured’.  McIntosh’s fabulous self produced début  the ‘Warriors EP’ led to The Guardian newspaper singling her out as one to watch, but no sooner had they done so Sarah promptly disappeared to concentrate on  her A-Levels. Now with her qualifications safely in the bag she’s back with a wondrous re-recording and video of   ‘Your Body Is A Machine’. It’s a brilliant slice of electronica, commercial, yet dark- catchy yet complex, with a brooding, intense introspective lyrical style reminiscent of Depeche Mode- We are influenced by our self love and benevolence/ Narcissism’s overwhelming/vanity is quite exhausting/self indulgent hedonistic/blame it all on your upbringing”. Picture a less imperious Ladytron or maybe Dubstar with empathy or even La Roux devoid of reedy voice and bad manners. With silver in her lungs and gold in her heart The Good Natured could well prove to be the most interesting act to emerge from the current crop of female electronic pop pioneers. It’s a darkly celebratory sound, full of contradictions, euphoric yet  melancholic, phlegmatic yet expressive, and it really should establish Sarah as one of our brightest talents  . . .  And so off we skipped, utilising the very same quicksilver speed employed when attending a clear out at granny’s house  to have a quick word with the lady known as The Good Natured…


VP:  Hello Sarah, how did you decide on The Good Natured as the name to release your music under? Would you say it describes your own disposition? Or your music ?

SARAH: I wouldn’t say it describes my music per se, however  I am quite a nice person so I consider it most appropriate!

VP:  Your new single, “Your Body Is A Machine” is quite a dark sounding number, what’s it all about ?

SARAH: The song itself is all about self indulgence, destroying your body with drugs and alcohol and hurting someone else in the process.

VP:  Any imminent plans for an album release?

SARAH: Not just yet……watch this space…;)

VP:  How did you first become involved in making music yourself?

SARAH: I played the violin when I was little, then I progressed  onto learning to play the drums. This was the stage when  when I really got into music. After that I  taught myself how to play the  keyboard and that’s when things really took off and  I started writing songs, probably when I was  about 15 or 16.

VP:  What sort of music would you say has influenced your own output?

SARAH: All sorts! My parents record collection, so old stuff from the 80’s like the Human League, Sparks, Japan, Siouxsie and the Banshees. Some folk music too like Nick Drake. I also like pop  music such as  Timbaland. I suppose it’s quite a broad and eclectic range really.

VP:  There has certainly been an explosion in female led electronic music of late any new artists from this genre you admire?

SARAH:  I love  Fever Ray, and I think Marina is great.

VP:  I believe you’ve started to take singing lessons, is this so you breathe properly and don’t asphyxiate on stage?

SARAH: Well, to be honest I have only had one, but yes  I do hope that it will  really help  improve my  all round technique and my breathing.

VP:  What do you make of social networking, I imagine it’s almost a full time job these days for artists, but it is a great way to connect with fans and get instant feedback.

SARAH: I think it’s great to engage with people who like what you do, and it’s amazing how  you can talk to fans so easily! I must admit I do get a bit fed up of twitter sometimes; I think it takes away that certain  air of mystery if you tell people what you are doing all the time. For example  I don’t really want people to know what I had for breakfast!

VP:  Finally, you’ve already covered  The Cure’s ‘Love Song’, any other song’s would you love to cover and why?

SARAH: Hmm, maybe Mad World by Tears for Fears purely  because I love that song!

VP:  Oh dear…I forgot to ask my traditional, describe your music in five words question and so before sacking myself. . .  I’ll do it. . .

Electronic pop with a heart”






‘Your Body Is A Machine’ is released July 5th 2010, get it here : The Good Natured - Your Body Is a Machine - EP



‘Your Body Is A Machine’ By The Good Natured


“Warriors” By The Good Natured



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  1. I once found a pair of Bloomers in my Grannys attic. I m very impressed with Your Body Is A Machine.

  2. A typically Von-Pipian eye opener, this one.

    I look to Andy to introduce me to the latest in this style of music and he never fails to do so.

    With a preamble as entertaining as the feature itself (I still think he could have possibly tried on some of that stuff he found in his granny’s bin, though chances are it would have fit as tightly as those John Moore t-shirts we were harrangued into aquiring some time ago) it is the music featured that keeps me coming back time and time again.

    I do also agree with Sarah that Twitter has a way of bringing out some of the more mundane thoughts in people. I think there can be a bit too much of the simpleton day-to-day sharing in that regard.

    Anyway, off to get me some The Good Natured!


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