Something For The Weekend w/e 8/10/2010

This week- Little Comets, The Good Natured, Ash, The Third Sound, Blindness, the Adverts.


Little Comets-“Isles”

Little Comets

Little Comets release a single on a new Indie label called “Dirty Hit” , but I’ll shut up and let them explain “This is the first single we’ve released since parting company with our old label Columbia at the start of 2010. It’s taken us a while to break from their grizzly clutches as initially they wouldn’t let us have our album back…. but after deciding that it didn’t sound enough like Kei$ha they did”.. It’s accompanied by a fantastic video, think ‘This Is England’ meets Blur by way of the Kinks,  and they are even throwing in a free orchestral download of said single…

“Isles” (orchesteral mix)-Little Comets

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and here’s the video



The Good Natured-“Be My Animal.”


The Good Natured AKA Sarah McIntosh is back with a new single, which is already receiving Radio 1 support from John Peels natural successor …Oh wait no it’s Scouting For Girls biggest fan, Fearne Cotton ..Oh well the law of averages dictates that Fearne will get it right occasionally, and she certainly has here. Mind you we were onto the Good Natured a while back and we interviewed Sarah earlier in the year  – click here, oh wait sorry , try here . She will certainly be on many blogs ‘ones to watch in 2011” list.

And here’s a free download of ‘The Prisoner’ the b-side to‘ Be My Animal.’ Sarah  was  inspired to write the song by Pedro Almodovar‘s  film, ‘Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down’ and asks  why some lovers have both emotional and physical power over us.

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Ash– The A-Z Series

As Ash’s year long A-Z singles series – in which they released 26 singles over 52 weeks – draws to a close the band have been asking their fans to vote for their favourite single from the series.  The clear winner was Arcadia and so they’ve produced a new video to honour it !



Now then now then, ow’s about that.. erm Ok, so we (well me) on this blog are big fans of bands such as Curve, Lush and the Jesus and Mary Chain.  If you are also share such impeccable taste, we doth our cap to you and hope you enjoy the following two bands.

First up is  The Third Sound

The track below is from the  solo album from Hakon of Singapore Sling. The album conjures up of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Jesus and Mary Chain, with plenty of white noise and rock n roll insouciance and let’s face it after viewing the shit fest that is Gary and Robbie’s pseudo gay fest , this can only be a good thing. Proper, no f**king about, visceral music.

“Going Down” By The Third Sound

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Next  is a band called Blindness who have recently released the ‘Confessions EP’. Fans of Curve MBV, Lush, NIN and the JAMC will no doubt be impressed by the throbbing beast of a song that is “Confessions” (below) which fuses loops, beats with searing guitars to devastating effect.


Photo by Lubert Daz

Blindness features Beth Retting-  Programming/vocals, Kendra Frost –Bass, Debbie Smith (ex- Curve and Echobelly) on guitar and Alex Lutes (ex Nightnurse) playing live drums.

“Confessions” By Blindness

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Talking of the Mary Chain, it seems our recent interview with Jim Reid has started a few rumours!! Jim saying he “wouldn’t rule out playing “Psychocandy” has been interpreted as “Mary Chain to play 25th Anniversary shows” …The NME, Clash and Spinner all picking the interview up.


Retro Track of the Week

“Gary Gilmore’s Eyes” –The Adverts



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  1. The Adverts… “retro”???? how dare you!!! 🙂 Nothing retro about them at all, they still sound as fantastically ahead-of-the-punk-herd now as they did decades ago. Crossing The Red Sea, I’m sure you will agree, was one of the finest British punk LPs, up there with the debuts from the Damned, Banshees, and Buzzers, and superior in so many ways to the Pistols and Clash… and they had Gaye Advert too!…. tremble tremble… TV Smith… songwriter extraordinaire, non?

    • hehehe retro in the sense that we are looking back through time erm.. retrospectively but not in the sense of the sound….. Hmmm maybe I need to change the name, then again if it causes comments like these I think I’ll keep it 🙂

      • I sort of guessed that was what you meant… I just wanted to babble about how fab the Adverts were! 🙂 You should get an interview with TV Smith on here, he’d be more than happy to do it. He’s always talkative and pretty laid-back. And probably available!

  2. Oh great. I love Blindness excellent song. Also very into that Little Comets track. Thanks Pippers


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