And as ever we find ourselves feeling slightly haunted by the vague whiff of disappointment, not as bad as last years winners though, (Haim) which was so predictable and yet so devoid of anything approaching originality, charm or guile. But David Cameron is a fan, we imagine Jeremy Clarkeson would be a fan too, as he thunders down country lanes in his prick mobile like a modern day Toad Of Toad Hall roaring “Speed Limits? They’re  for homosexuals and Johnny Foreigner right ?! ” And in some small way feels this compensates for having no actual knob. Yes it really was the sort of music that will doubtless one day appear on a Top Gear CD compilation.  But hey it was “fun” music right?  Erm actually no, that would very much depend on your definition of ‘fun’ and fun, rather like “banter” is oft the label used to excuse the inexcusable.

However let us not dwell on the darkness of last years vote because on the plus side we do genuinely like Marika Hackman who emerged in 2012 with her début single ‘You Come Down’ (but she seems to have been around a lot  longer than that!) the other two artists in the list have left us feeling decidedly ‘meh.’  No Wolf Alice, no Blessa , no Findlay … tis madness I tell thee !

And so here are the artists in question and to temper this we’ll also list the three artists we voted for

Joint Winner :  Marika Hackman


Joint Winner : Banks


( sounding very ‘on trend’ but not my cuppa at all, more like musical Horlicks in fact ) – Apparently she was the 9th most blogged artist by UK based Hype Machine listed bloggers in 2013. But not by us.


Runner Up – Sivu

( Could be huge, but really not the sort of music I could ever imagine listening too, unless the alternative was Haim )

And here are the artists we voted for, because sometimes being fey and mystical just doesn’t cut it y’know



Wolf Alice

(ok so they were on the Blog Sound long list, but I’d have bet my bottom dollar on them being top 3)


The UK Blog Sound of 2014 is a poll of 59 UK based music bloggers. It asked them to each vote for their three favourite emerging artists. This is the third year the poll has taken place and for the first time two artists have tied for equal first place, each receiving an identical number of votes. Congratulations to Marika Hackman and Banks. Singer songwriter Sivu came third.

The UK Blog Sound of 2014 is a poll designed to compliment the BBC Sound of poll and is voted for only by UK music blogs. This year 139 acts received at least 1 vote from the 59 participating blogs, the vast majority of the 139 receiving just 1 solitary vote. Of the 15 acts on the BBC Sound of list 7 of them failed to secure a single vote from UK Blog Sound voters. It was organised by Robin Seamer of Breaking More Waves with assistance and graphics from Andy Von Pip (the VPME) wearing his best pencil skirt.

The blogs that took part in the voting were:

17 SecondsA Pocket Full Of SeedsAll NoiseAlphabet BandsBeat SurrenderBoth Bars OnBrapscallionsBreaking More WavesBrighton Music BlogCat From JapanDaisy DigitalDetails Of My LifeDon’t Watch Me DancingDots and DashesDrunken WerewolfEaten By MonstersEchoes and DustElectronic RumoursFaded GlamourGod Is In The TVGold Flake PaintHearty VibesI Love PieIn Love Not LimboJust Music That I LikeKilling MoonLike 1999Little Indie BlogsLove Music : Love LifeMusic Broke My BonesMusic LiberationMusic Like Dirt, My Band’s Better Than Your BandMy Day By Day MusicNot Many ExpertsPeenkoPop DodgerRepeat ButtonScientists Of SoundScottish FictionSkeletorySleep In MusicSome Of It Is TrueSound InfluxSounds Good To MeSounds Of Now MusicSweeping The NationThe Blue WalrusThe Devil Has The Best TunaThe Electricity ClubThe Evening’s EmpireThe Mad MackerelThe Metaphorical BoatThe Sound Of ConfusionThe UnderclassedThe VPMEThis Must Be PopThoughts On MusicWhen The Gramophone Rings

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