The VPME Podcast -Episode 12- April 2012

The VPME present their most “eggsellent” Easter Podcast. With guest appearances from, amongst others, Jim Reid of The Jesus & Mary Chain, Straylings, I Am Harlequin, Curxes, Severin, Sarah Nixey Of Black Box recorder alongside new tunes from Garbage, The School, 2:54 and Polica. You’ll also find classics from The Cure, The Psychedelic Furs and The Waterboys and so much more.

Just click the red “play button” in the picture below” – (it’s the one with the arrow pointing to the right in the centre 😉 )


12 thoughts on “The VPME Podcast -Episode 12- April 2012”

  1. This is great, be checking out some a the new bands here as well as old classics. Iam Harlequin and Curxes sound amazing.

  2. this be my easter soundtrack young pip sir.A veritable treasure trove of excellelnce arrr

  3. This is good. I Am Halequin is my very favourite, She is beautiful in all way. but Iam enjoying all this. Please do weekly show on radio

  4. This has made my day family guy impressions amazing, music amazing vp amazing. Keep up the great workx


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