Ones To Watch – 2018 – 10. HMLTD

So we kick off our Top 10 bands to watch out for in 2018 (intro HERE ) with ….


One thing you can’t accuse London based collective HMLTD of is being ‘beige.’ Because in a pop landscape where everything is nice and safe and dull HMLTD stand out like a well-attired sore thumb. Their image looks like they’ve just wandered off the set of Blade Runner en route to a Berlin Fetish club by way of the Blitz Club.

Their live shows are apparently confrontational, blurring the lines between gig and art show and between performers and audience. This can apparently verge on sensory overload which has left reviewers either full of praise or completely baffled. They are certainly a band who seem to polarise opinion with their flamboyant glam nihilism and uncompromising performances. This is not a problem for lead singer Henry Spychalski who has said  ‘Polarisation is a good indicator, if everybody likes what you’re doing unanimously, then it’s kind of a sign that what you’re doing is most likely quite boring’

Unfortunately, we’ve yet to catch them live yet but based on the material we have heard they could well be one of the most exciting new artists to emerge in recent years.  Or one of the most infuriatingly enigmatic …  It’ll certainly be interesting to see just what they come up during 2018, but for a band who seem to embrace the full spectrum of colours on the musical palette rather than opt for a safe shade of “Sheeran Beige” you can guarantee it may be challenging but it will never be boring.

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