The Good Natured – Our Sound of 2011 Tip- Update

‘Wolves’ By The Good Natured.

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At the end of 2010 we listed who we hoped would be big in 2011, top of the pile was the wonderful The Good Natured (aka Sarah McIntosh). She’s just released a new studio song as a free download (above) so we thought we’d catch up with her and find out what’s been happening so far in 2011. Hopefully we will do a few more updates with her during the course of  2011… And so hot off the press as we have literally just put the phone down, here’s our update with Sarah.


VP: So Sarah, what’s been happening in 2011 thus far?

SARAH:  Hello, well, we’ve just signed with Parlaphone which is amazing. We’ve almost finished our little library tour of six venues around the UK which has been really nice to play in a different environment as you’re normally told to be quiet in a library! We’ve been joined by Spark, which has been wicked and then we have a couple of dates supporting The Wombats. After that we go to SXSW in Texas for five or six shows which we are really excited about. And then when I get back I’m doing lots more writing, at home, in London and then in Sweden, trying to get some album tracks together. Hopefully we’ll have an album out end of the year or early next year.

VP: And you’ve just released an ace new tune ‘ Wolves’, which is apparently from a new EP? So is there a theme here, first ‘Be My Animal’ and now ‘Wolves’?

SARAH: Yeah that’s one of the tracks from our new EP which is coming out in June on Regal. Haha no, not a theme, it’s just a coincidence!

VP:  And  the lead track on the EP is called ‘Skeleton’?

SARAH:   Yes, we’ve shot a video for it in one of those big, heritage type houses in Bethnal Green and we used this amazing drawing room .They had a chapel at the back, we had fireworks and I was dancing with sparklers which was fun. It should look really good.

VP:  And didn’t you have latex sprayed on your skin for a  video? Do you enjoy that sort of thing, ( erm,  I don’t mean the latex, I mean the dressing up!)  previously you’ve been snapped in a bath of milk and wore Lord of the Flies style face-paint…..

SARAH:  They are all fun things to do, have you seen the latex one yet? (VP: Not yet) Actually I think it’s being edited at the moment. Basically they sprayed loads of latex on me and then on the video are editing out my body underneath. I think the spray was from a sex shop, but they used it anyway, it took ages to get off. But I like being creative and the milk and face-paint are all a good laugh too.

VP: Your cover of Sufjan Stevens ‘ For The Windows In Paradise’ got a lot of attention and was a beautiful version.

SARAH:  Thank you, I’ve always loved that song, and wanted to do a cover so I just whacked that out and it was really nice to get such a good response.

VP: What have been your highlights of say, the last year?

SARAH: Well yesterday was amazing signing with Parlaphone , probably one of the best days ever. All in all it’s been great to release the singles, shoot the videos and play some incredible gigs. Supporting Kesha at Shepherds Bush was amazing too, there were even some people at the front singing words back to me which I’d never had before. The Club NME gig at Koko was also one of our favourites with kids at the front really getting into it. I couldn’t really pin point one thing, we’ve met some lovely people and worked with some fantastic producers. It’s all been amazing so far!

VP: Isn’t that Kesha allegedly  a bit ‘Charlie Sheenas in ‘a few clowns short of a circus?’ Did you meet her?

SARAH:  We didn’t really meet her; she was on a separate floor so we were a bit segregated, we said hello, she said hello and that was about it!

VP:  Now all artists get comparisons these days what are the daftest one you’ve heard ?

SARAH: I think a ‘techno Dido’ or Lily Allen on depressants’ were a bit daft. I suppose you just have to not take them too seriously, after all it’s just someone’s opinion. Then again both artists have a massive fan base so maybe if they read it they might listen to my music? Even so, I don’t agree with the description [laughs] At least I hope I don’t sound like that!

VP: There is a dark side to your music though, but I think it definitely has a broad appeal for fans of lot’s of differing genre’s, it’s kind of ‘indiegothpopindieelectronica’

SARAH: I do write when I feel strongly about something or feel sad, so it’s quite personal, not far removed like some chart stuff. I like to put some meaning in it, and I do hope it has a broad appeal.

VP:  Can you remember the first time you heard one of your songs on the radio?

SARAH:  I remember it quite vividly actually, December 2007. I’d put a band together when I was 15 or 16 with a few other boys at school, and was really into it, but got  frustrated as rest of the band didn’t seem that bothered. I thought, right, I’ll do my own demos, and that’s when I came up with the name The Good Natured. I was so determined to get them played that even though I didn’t know what I was doing, I sent them everywhere, record labels, Radio stations. I sent one to Huw Stephens at the BBC and then amazingly, he played it the next week! He’s been a supporter ever since, so he’s a bit of a legend in my book. But yeah, I remember that really vividly, it made me think I really want to do this, so I started to take it more seriously.

VP: Well thanks for your time and good luck in Texas hope it all goes well, you’ll have to play Liverpool soon.

SARAH:  Actually I think we are playing the Sound City festival there in May, love the accent,  come down and have a drink?

VP: Or ten! 🙂 Will do!

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  1. You have been featuring this lady a lot and I can see why. Awesome pop, gonna check her out at SXSW 4 sure. Keep up the great work here Andy, your services to music are noted and appreciated.

  2. You noticed that too, Myron? 😉
    Honestly, I think she’s VP’s new girlfriend.

    I’ve also been “assigned” to check her out at SXSW next week.

    Well – I had better.


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