The Faux Faux : Cold Hearted Woman

The artist formerly known as Faith from PINS returns with her new solo project The Faux Faux and her debut single “Cold Hearted Woman.”  And it’s not quite what you might expect, despite the title it feels warmer and more intimate and perhaps less strident than her work with PINS imbuing it with an almost soulful nonchalant swagger. Sonically it’s a tune that sashays rather than stomps.

“I’ve always been intrigued by Cindy Sherman, Sylvia Plath, Gregory Crewdson, Virginia Woolf, Nan Goldin to name a few,” explains Faith Vern, “these writers, poets, photographers, artists, who have shown us the beauty and the desperation in the mundane.”

Vern continues “After the birth of my first child I needed more space which meant moving from my one-bedroom flat in Prestwich to a ‘proper’ house. Somehow my husband and I convinced ourselves that we should head to the country, little did we know that lockdown was lurking… I was writing about being somewhere and feeling trapped, anxiety and coping mechanisms.”

“The chorus ‘I’m a Cold Hearted Woman’ is of course tongue-in-cheek, it’s almost like once everything, all your personality, freedom, joy, is forced out of you, you just sorta go ‘ok fuck it, you think I’m cold, well yes, here it is…’ ”

The single also marks the relaunch of the Drowned in Sound Singles Club. 

We’ve always championed Faith’s work in the ultimate punk gang PINS,” says Drowned in Sound founder Sean Adams. “We talked a couple of years ago when she sang with I**y P*p at the BBC’s legendary Maida Vale studios and kept in touch.”

“When I murmured that I was thinking of bringing back the label, Faith mentioned a solo project… and as I absolutely adored what she sent over, here we are, restarting the singles club that previously kicked off the careers of Kaiser Chiefs, Bat for Lashes, Martha Wainwright and more. This is track one from what will be a slowly released 10-track compilation of new artists I love, with a new track arriving each month.

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