Track Of the Day – Dark Horses – ‘Saturn Returns’


After the hugely impressive ‘Live On Hunger’ ‘Saturn Returns’ is the second track to emerge from Dark Horses forthcoming album ‘Hail Lucid State.‘  We won’t wax too lyrical here as we intend to review the whole album but suffice to say if you love this track as much as we do, you’re gonna fucking love their second long player.

‘Saturn Returns’ starts with a driving motorik beat which gives way to a cascading Manzarek style keyboard riff before singer Lisa Elle in fine Barbarella meets Nico by way of Siouxsie mode takes the reins to thrust the song onwards.

It’s a dark glittering aural headrush in which Dark Horses meld their influences to produce a spaced-out ever evolving psych cyberpunk sound that is uniquely their own.  The lightning is still within them and it’s sparking brighter than ever.


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