Tracks Of The Day – KUBALOVE – ‘Dangerous’ and ‘All I Want’

KUBALOVE is a solo electronic artist sound who combines shoegazey atmospherics with experimental electronica and sensual synthpop. She is currently completing her début solo EP which will be released later in the year.

Her first single ‘Dangerous’, really should come with free cold shower as it’s a dense steamy passionate sexually charged slice of dark electro pop, a kind of ‘Justify My My Love’ colliding with Nine Inch Nails in an illicit lust filled romp. KUBALOVE is the musical alter ego of Anna Jackson who tells us that ‘Dangerous’ ‘is a track from a pretty dark place – I wrote it in one night in a blur . It’s from somewhere in the subconscious where the line between sensuality and aggression blurs – where the desire for intimacy fights with the fear of getting too close. We’re all damaged goods somehow. This song is about both wanting, and not wanting, to pass this damage on to someone else. It’s about yearning for what’s bad for you’.    And her forthcoming single ‘All I Want’ which is out on 21st February is possibly less sinister but equally as arousing as she switches from edgy carnal tension to a euphoric endorphin rush and demonstrates  KUBALOVE  may well be the missing link between Goldfrapp and M83. You have been warned.

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