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Track Of the Day – Dark Horses – ‘Saturn Returns’

Photo By ALI TOLLERVEY After the hugely impressive ‘Live On Hunger’ ‘Saturn Returns’ is the second track to emerge from Dark Horses forthcoming album ‘Hail Lucid State.‘ 

August 01, 2014 Music, Track Of The Day
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Track Of The Day – Dumb – ‘Still I’m Stuck’

Today’s track of the day ‘Still I’m Stuck’ is a new track from Birmingham four piece Dumb‘s debut EP ‘Chew Me Up, Spit Me Out’ which

July 31, 2014 Music, Track Of The Day
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Track Of The Day – Curxes – ‘Valkyrie’

The Valkyries (Valkyrja -’Chooser of the Slain’) from Old Norse mythology were female handmaidens of Odin who decided the fate of those who would live

July 30, 2014 Music, Track Of The Day
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Track Of The Day – Family Video – ‘She Reminds Me’ (Free Download)

We’ve had a few days off from music, enjoyed a slight existential crisis, apathetically battled ennui, walked with giants (no really -see here  ) and in

July 29, 2014 Music, Track Of The Day
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Track Of The Day – 2:54 – ‘Orion’

Despite the digital revolution there are still record labels out there, you instinctively trust whose name has become synonymous with quality and who genuinely strive

July 22, 2014 Music, Track Of The Day
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Track Of The Day – The Muffs – ‘Weird Boy Next Door’

Back in the 90′s we developed a bit of a crush on Muffs singer Kim Shattuck after discovering the band via a guilty pleasure teen movie

July 21, 2014 Music, Track Of The Day
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Track Of The Day – Shawondasee – ‘Gems Of Pure Light’

Mixing the euphoric synthgaze of M83 with the sort of hook-laden electro driven indie pop that recalls The Beloved Parisian synth pop duo Shawondasee release

July 18, 2014 Music

Track Of The Day – The Death Of Pop – ‘Mirage’

‘Mirage’ is from Bournemouth quintet The Death Of Pop, a masterful example of euphoric janglegaze pysch pop.  It’s an all-engulfing wave of glorious melodic noise

July 17, 2014 Music, Track Of The Day
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Track Of The Day – Spookyland – ‘Rock n Roll Weakling’

This is the title track from Spookyland’s debut studio EP ‘Rock n Roll Weakling.’  They sound not unlike a band occupying an intriguing musical hinterland

July 16, 2014 Music, Track Of The Day
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ALBUM REVIEW : Field Mouse – ‘Hold Still Life’

2014 has been an exceptional year for debut albums proving that those who thinks new music isn’t delivering have obviously been looking in all the

July 14, 2014 Music, Reviews
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