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Slow Down Tallahassee The Beautiful Light Review

So Much For Love By Slow Down Tallahassee Slow down Tallahassee’s debut album has successfully taken 50’s and 60’s boy/girl bubblegum pop influences and transformed

June 25, 2008 Music, Reviews

THE VPME REVIEW June/July 2008

June 2008,Music review, with guest reviewers , Riot Becki,(ex-Pipettes) Laura Trouble(Screaming Ballerinas), Penny Broadhurst, Vote Showpony,Lily Rae, Luke Taylor (Hemme Fatale, Hot Puppies), Linda Hollywood

June 22, 2008 Music, Reviews

Lit Up ….Emma Anderson Interview

Legendary Lush guitarist Emma Anderson is interviewed by housewives choice, Andy Von Pip. "thing is people think Spinal Tap is funny but not really indicative of

June 20, 2008 Interviews, Music

Poppy Will Eat Itself – Poppy And The Jezebels Interview

Poppy and the Jezebels are from Birmingham , but don’t let that put you off, it’s not all Benny, Miss Diane and the Crossroads Motel

June 13, 2008 Interviews, Music
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Ragz To Richez ….Ragz Interview

Folk music, bluegrass? I beg your pardon? I have to confess a few years ago the very thought of folk music used to terrify me,

June 07, 2008 Interviews, Music
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All Dolled Up…Doll And The Kicks Interview

  Original Photos By danbandalee Am I a Sexist? This question has been bothering me since it was pointed out that I seem to interview

June 03, 2008 Interviews, Music
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